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Hi I'm Erin!! I'm an intimate wedding & elopement photographer. The posts you'll find here are written by me to inspire and educate couples who are planning their wedding.


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If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve most likely seen these two terms pop up a lot!! Elopements have become more and more popular, especially due to the Pandemic. Intimate weddings, also known as “MicroWeddings” are actually quite different than elopements. This post will break down the differences for you!! If you haven’t ready my post […]

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Elopement vs. Intimate Wedding – What is the Difference?

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To start off this blog post, I thought it would be important to specify exactly what an elopement looks like for those who don’t know!! The majority of people immediately think of eloping as running away and getting married alone and in secret. And while that was the case a while ago, it’s much different […]

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Top 5 Reasons to have an Elopement or Intimate Wedding

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Omg you’re engaged!!! After all the excitement I’m sure you felt a lot of pressure when you started thinking about planning your wedding. From a girl who has worked alongside brides while they plan, and photographs weddings almost every weekend, I have a few tips to help you make your wedding planning completely stress free. […]

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First 5 Steps for Planning Your Wedding