Hey! I'm Erin.

If you’re anything like me, you find peace in nature. When you’re at the top of a mountain, the stress and pressures of the world fade away. I believe your wedding day should feel that way too. If you'd rather be out exploring, surrounded by nature on your wedding day than spending hours getting your hair done, I'm the girl for you.

I capture real moments of love and adventure for couples, so that even years down the road when they’re looking through their gallery for the 100th time, every emotion and memory will come flooding back.

Well, not the same exact shoes, but similar. I know exactly what it's like to take the untraditional path. During my senior year of high school, I had a growing photography business and a huge dream to make it my career. Being the dream-chaser that I am, I decided not to go to college and pursue photography after I graduated. Teachers told me I wouldn't be successful, and that I needed to take the path everyone else was taking. I was scared, and I didn't know where to start. After a lot of guidance and persistence, here I am. 
I did what was best for me, not what was going to please everyone else.

I was in your shoes.

You're thinking... "What if we just elope?" But you don't know where to start...

You can take the untraditional path, too.

Your love story MATTERS.

Taking beautiful photos is not the only reason I do this.
What really matters to me is...

+ Your unique elopement experience that feels like you.
+ That you feel comfortable and stress-free on the best day of your life.
+ Creating photos that capture what your love truly feels like, not just what it looked like.