Meet your Elopement Photographer & PLANNING EXPERT

Elopements by Erin is deeply rooted in intentionality, family history, and the art of storytelling. 

But, you can have a wedding day that is authentic to you, while also including the people you love.

The wedding industry has made it seem like you have 2 options - Either have a traditional wedding in a venue with hundreds of guests, sacrificing quality time with your partner.. or, have an adventure elopement, sacrificing special moments with the people you love.

I'll show you how...

Hey! I'm Erin.

When I think back to my childhood, my most vivid memories are with the people I love. I grew up in a family that loved and supported each other above all else, and I fostered close friendships at an early age that showed me the true value of quality over quantity.

And similarly, my most favorite moments of my career are when family and friends have come together to celebrate a couple that matters deeply to them, dropping everything to make sure the couple has the wedding day of their dreams.

My passion for photography stems from my love for storytelling. The teary-eyed guests, laughter around the table, tight hugs as you exit the ceremony, and love that radiates when families come together is what makes your wedding day so personal, so I'll ensure that your photos reflect that.

Joni & Derek's Family Elopement Dinner | Fall 2023

My Approach

“What started out as a photographer + client relationship, turned into a treasured friendship by the end of the weekend."
- Morgan & Drew

Although traveling is a big part of my life, I feel most at home here in the North Carolina mountains. Ever since moving to North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Mountains have just felt like home. The fresh mountain air, the smell of pine trees, fog rolling over the peaks, the vibrant blues and greens - I truly believe that this is the best place to get married. When you hire me, you're getting an experienced local & location expert. I'm here to provide custom location recommendations, permit assistance, and timeline creation, so that you have the best elopement experience possible here in North Carolina.

We're North Carolina Locals

I completed the LNT Photographer Course from the Center of Outdoor Ethics so that I can serve my couples in the best possible way, while also being mindful of the impact we have when we go outside. Nature is my studio, so it’s my responsibility as a photographer to be educated about how we can make sure these beautiful places last and continue to thrive for years to come.

I am committed to following Leave No trace principles both on my own, and with my couples.

Leave No Trace

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