Throughout my years as a wedding photographer, I’ve photographed countless weddings that became more about the guests than the couple. I was inspired to encourage couples to have an intimate wedding day that focuses on you, allowing me to capture your unique relationship. 

I grew up near the White Mountains, and have always loved taking road trips up north to admire the scenery. My love for documenting my trips when I was younger turned into a love for capturing the connection and love between people. The emotion and excitement shown on a wedding day is so beautiful, and I absolutely love capturing those memories in a way that makes you FEEL just like you felt when the photo was taken. It's such a privilege to document other's lives in such a powerful way.  

hey there! i'm erin.

I am so passionate about capturing real moments and pieces of your life. I want to know all about your love story and truly document what it feels like for you. I'm not the traditional prom-pose type of photographer, because I believe that perfectly posed photos don't showcase your love the way that real emotion can. You can expect to be moving and having fun whenever you're in front of my camera. Creating movement allows me to capture those special in-between moments, the belly laughs and nose scrunches, the way you hold hands and all those little details that make your relationship unique.

my approach

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