Hey there! As an entrepreneur myself, I know how important it is to have photos that not only show your work, but show it in a beautiful way that is on-brand and true to you. I love telling a story and showing a brand's message through the photos we create. I'd be so honored to be a part of your business's journey and show off your brand! 

Photos to showcase your unique brand and the heart behind it


Photos that showcase your "why"

The branding experience

A company is SO much more than what it sells. A company is the people behind it, the message behind it, your "why" for creating it. A company is the hard work and late nights that went into building it. A company is the carefully selected elements that make it a brand. A company is it's clients and customers. A company is the way it makes you feel when you discover it for the first time. 

I am here to not only capture what you sell, but most of all to showcase the heart behind your business.

the gathered table co.

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